Easy, Layered Jello Shots

Easy, Layered Jello ShotsFor St. Patrick's Day, my friend, Oakley, hosted a little get together. I'm usually at a loss for what to bring to get-togethers like this, but I had the stroke of genius to keep things boozy and make Irish Flag Jello Shots! After some research and experimentation, I came up with the following recipe for perfect jello shots! Keep in mind that you can make any color or flavor. I used a layer of lime jello, white jello (similar to the {keep reading}

(Sub)Urban Gardening

(Sub)Urban GardeningI live in a townhouse style apartment about a mile & a half from the beach in Southern California. For the area, it's considerably spacious, especially for the price. However, I don't have a real yard, so deciding to plant and grow my own veggies & herbs (and maybe someday fruits?) was a decision that came with an acute awareness of the creativity it would take. Now what I do have to start with are three planting areas and my plans {keep reading}

Kid-Friendly Green Juice Recipe

Kid-Friendly Green Juice RecipeCameron is at an age where he eats voraciously, but he won't necessarily eat all the things he needs for all the proper nutrients, PLUS he doesn't have all the necessary teeth to make certain foods happen, even if he does like them. Spinach, for example, is one of those things he really likes but can't chew well enough because he lacks the extra molars. For this reason, I thought I'd try a simple juice recipe just for him (okay, {keep reading}

Super Baby Facts!

Super Baby Facts!I could also have called this post "Things I Wish I'd Known before Cameron was Born," but at least the mystery of why he always woke up from his naps when I made food for myself is now solved. Anyway, do enjoy this cute infographic from FamilyCord. Click to Enlarge Image (link will take you to FamilyCord.com)The FamilyCord Super Baby Facts - Brought To You By {keep reading}

Two Years

Two YearsCameron's actual birthday last Friday was a busy day to say the least, so this is a couple days late to publication. Oh, Cameron. Today you're 2. 2 years old! And my how you've grown since we first met face to face. You've gotten so tall, but you're still my skinny-mini. It's always a matter of your pants being long enough for your legs but too wide for your hips or perfect on the hips and too short in the leg. But you're {keep reading}

Trimming the Fat

I recently started reading The 4-Hour Workweek (shameless affiliate link) and I'll probably be talking a lot about my thoughts on it and how I'm applying it to my life for a while, because really, it is life-changing. A passage that really struck a chord with me was one in which he presents some unconventional wisdom (really, most of what he presents is unconventional): Emphasize Strengths, Don't Fix Weaknesses Most people are good at a handful of things and utterly miserable at most. {keep reading}

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