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5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Strategy

When you are yet to adopt a social media strategy, you are missing out on a crucial business opportunity. Studies show that 96 percent of marketers presently are pursuing digital media initiatives. And the opportunities plus potential to oversee the growth of your business via social media networks is infinite. While several businesses like this assisted living chicago service and this dewatering company and brands might basically implement social media marketing strategy, still there are a great number who are not conversant with the advantages social media basically has to provide on their business. The following article by an seo consultant and marketing expert are 5 ways through which social media marketing may improve your business.

1. Improving search engine ranking

Claire Marsh runs a luxury candles store online and handles the marketing for this hairdressers warrington business and this vertikal heizkörper retailer and says “Social media marketing and Search engine optimization (SEO) are inextricably linked. According to an article that was published by, 72 percent marketers employ social media in order to improve their business. And social media impacts highly the appropriateness of search results. Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter now are being employed as a search engine in order to gain more traction or insight about a business.”

2. Increasing traffic to your website

Gina Jones runs a travel concierge business and says “Concerning website referral, social media comes on top. With over 2.5 billion individuals worldwide utilizing social media, this is some rich source for generation of traffic. As you might have noticed, if you search for a business or company in a search engine such as Google, usually links to social media accounts will appear in the first page. And this ascertains that social media accounts are responsible for increasing the visibility of your business.”

3.Reducing Marketing Cost

Sally McKinney runs the social media for these turf suppliers and this environmental drilling company and says “Social media marketing completely has managed to outperform traditional marketing, particularly for small business and startups. Social media campaigns may be tailored in targeting the right buyer persona, thus avoiding needless expenditure. And with features such as selecting interests, language, and demographics, Facebook adverts has made online marketing to be highly effective.”

4. Better Brand Awareness

Nancy Gordon runs the marketing for this universal socket set store and JEM Medspa and recommends “Social media presence is significant since it makes your business to be more accessible for clients. It’s simpler and lets you market your brand. Sites like LinkedIn and Angellist are ideal medium through which to connect with influencer and investors in your industry. Therefore , having your social media profile is as significant as having your website. This is because it develops some quality brand image. And it also improves the vision and goals of your brand.”

5. Customer Engagement

Mark Toby runs the marketing for this personal trainer manchester business and this waterfall bathroom taps retail shop online and notes “Majority of clients search for social media accounts to enable them engage with their brands. In this regard, positive user engagement is going to enhance your brand’s reputation among your social media followers or audience. On the other hand, you also may deal with issues faced by your customers and the negative comments. This is going to improve customer experience plus let them become aware you care about their concerns.”