How to Be an Awesome Pinner on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) growing social networks, and I tell you what. I’m totally obsessed. I’ve found really great ideas, recipes, DIY and gift projects, and even awesome blogs. However, with any new network comes a learning period, where everyone kind of has to figure out how the whole thing works and the most effective ways to use it. Because we’re still in that learning period, I’ve put together a list of tips on becoming an awesomely repinnable pinner.

1. Pin From the Post, Not the Home Page

I’ve found some great recipes and DIY projects on Pinterest, just to click through to the home page of the original poster’s blog. And that pin that I was so excited about was no longer there. [Insert Darth Vader NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Here] So then I have to find the search bar, search for the post, and hope that it was titled in such a way that the search tool can actually find it. So spare other pinners the agony, and just pin from the post itself. If you come across a pin that isn’t properly linked, fix it if you can! Courtesy is always appreciated.

2. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Along the same lines as #1, make sure to link back to the right place. This goes for Tumblr – I’ve found some REALLY cute nail pins that would lead to a tutorial, but they only led to a Tumblr post. Very disappointing. If you can, try to find the original source and give credit where it’s due. (And don’t call it a tutorial if there isn’t a tutorial at the end of the link chain). Furthermore, don’t link to other pins. It becomes this endless loop of frustration and no one likes that.

3. Don’t Copy & Paste the Entire Post/Recipe/Instructions Under the Pin

Thanks to Alyssa (@inspiredRD) for this one Someone took the time to write and publish that, and you’re basically taking away their blog traffic (which could be their source of income). That’s not cool, and it’s copyright infringement. If the picture doesn’t already say it all, just tell me what you’re pinning and why I should be interested in it.

4. Caption Accordingly

I’m pretty guilty of this, but I’m obsessed enough with Pinterest that I’m going back and fixing a lot of these. And by these/this, I mean pins that are captioned “LOVE” and “WANT” and “.” and “ZOMGWTFICANHAZIDIE.” Basically, the captions are vague and don’t tell anyone anything about what they’re looking at. This means that if someone is searching for something like that, they won’t be able to find it. At least not through Pinterest, anyway. So what to do instead? Describe the pin, then comment. “Purple Peacock Feather Pumps – LOVE,” “Nicole Espresso Nail Polish – Gorgeous!,” “Cinnamon Roll Waffles – SO easy peasy. Can’t wait to make these!” Or just stick with the description: “Crock Pot Chicken Tacos.” If you MUST put on a funny or cute caption (because I know it can’t be helped at times), at least make sure you’ve placed that pin in the right category (more on that later).

5. Don’t Attack Us with Hashtags

The same goes for Instagram. Great, you want the traffic for this. But #tacos #taco #chicken_taco #taconight #tacotuesday? Redundant. Obnoxious. Please make it stop because you’re making my eyes want to jump out of their sockets. A couple hashtags like #budgeting or #fitness or #diy are fine, but stick with popular hashtags you know people are searching. Keep it concise and broad if you’re hashtagging. Save the specifics for your descriptions.

6. Categorize Your Boards and Stick to Those Categories

I love browsing the category sections of Pinterest, but when I’m browsing Hair & Beauty, I really don’t want to see Orange-Glo which “Does wonders for wood floors.” That’s not a hair or beauty product. It’s a product you like, but if the default “Products I Love” board is too broad a category, maybe it’s time to split it up like “Beauty Products I Love,” and “Home Products I Love,” just for example. Just make sure to categorize your boards as you make new ones. This way, people can find and follow the boards they’re interested in without having to sort through too much clutter (because everyone has different interests, after all).

So that’s it! Do you think I’ve left anything out? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list (with proper credits, of course).


  1. Shawna says

    Since I’m a newbie at this I found this very helpful. While we’re at it, could somebody explain the proliferation of number signs? I know they’re meant to have some function, by have no idea what.

  2. says

    Really enjoy reading your advice because i think it is vital that you have got some form of goal when you’re attempting to be fit and healthy. Diets can be so uninspiring unless you get some sort of motivation and I usually find a wide range of helpfull assistance when searching different blogs. It also helps in receiving some encouragement for organizing a selection of dishes rather than the same vegetables week in week out.

  3. not important says

    People shouldn’t post too much about their personal life either or act like someone they’re not, i have a (now ex) friend that used to be a completely different person on pinterest and it annoyed the heck out of me!

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