Stuff I Saw this Week

Sad Etsy Kids

-This is an excellent parody of Toddlers & Tiaras (aka my favorite train wreck on TV). Like she says, it helps to watch the video to which she’s included a link. A dolla makes me holla, honey boo boo.

Alex Reads Twilight.
This is the closest I will ever come to reading Twilight. If you’ve ever read the books and have any kind of appreciation for good literature, you’ll understand why. However, you can bypass the read the books step (sparing yourself the agony/torture/degradation of being caught reading Twilight) by watching this series of videos. And don’t worry, he doesn’t read them in their entirety to the camera. He summarizes and gives his feedback (which is spot on), reading excerpts on occasion to support his opinion. Watch them in order, starting with chapter one (which I’ve linked to above).

Fast Food Ads vs. The Real Thing

You slept naked in my bed. Unfortunately, you were in the wrong apt.

Laying down in my bed meant risking waking you up. Which would have ended in one of two ways, 1) the worst horror movie ever or 2) possibly the greatest porno ever. I didn’t like my odds. Couch it was.

Still Life: Bent Objects. I’m not sure if these qualify as NSFW, but I’d say they’re NSFW just in case.

-Marcus Bachmann spent what would have been a great day of campaigning buying puppy sunglasses. And his wife outs him on it. Then he reacts.

How to Put on a Sports Bra. Saw this moments after publishing. Enjoy the mental imagery.

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